When Our Pain Defines Us

We all have them.

The stories of what happened to us in the past; the trauma, the onset of mental illness, the break up, the major job loss, the divorce and the abuse.

We tell these stories over and over and over again. We share them with friends, therapists, 12 step groups, yoga teachers, anyone who asks about us and our past, we have these stories.

The sad part is, we BELIEVE these stories.

I defined myself by all of my stories. The rehabs (I’m now a weak alcoholic/addict), the abuse at home at an early age (I am not worthy of love), the abuse from boyfriends (I will never be safe), the onset of Major Depression (I am being punished. My life is not worthy of living), my divorce (I am a failure. I don’t know how to have real and intimate relationships)  and so on and so on.

These beliefs I started to take on as my own identity stayed with me, they became me and I was completely detached from the true me at the center of my being.

It wasn’t until I did massive, massive work on myself and I had a therapist ask me, “Courtney, what if everything you have been telling yourself is a lie?”

WHOA. That one hit me like a ton of bricks.

I could actually CHOOSE to see myself differently and then I could release these negative core beliefs and set myself free.

Free from myself, my past, my stories and mainly my pain.

I invite anyone who is identifying with the pain and suffering in their life to try to see it differently.

Change your perspective on the story you have been repeating your entire life and then STOP telling that story so you no longer have to relive it and beat yourself up.

Happiness and joy are our birthright and when we get mixed up and tangled in our stories we lose that.

Release the weight the stories are carrying in  your heart sweet soul.

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