The pains of grieving

Grief. It’s such a huge emotion and one that makes me wonder if the pain of it every truly goes away completely. The grief that I am experiencing is something I didn’t think I had a right to because in the past I associated grief with a loved one passing away. I had no idea […]

Either we Accept, or we Suffer

I have been hearing from a lot of people today who are suffering from their present circumstances and are in a lot of pain.. I read this passage every morning when I wake up and it gives me a sense of freedom: “Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they occur. This […]

Running from Pain

Some days I wake up in pain and I have not even gotten out of bed yet.. Then I get worried that my entire day is going to be filled with a heavy heart and feeling the need to “run” from whatever bad feeling is coming up for me. I can feel pain/fear/loss/grief/heartache/guilt to the […]


Fear is at the core of codependency. It can motivate us to control situations or neglect ourselves. Many of us have been afraid for so long that we don’t label our feelings as fear. We are used to feeling upset and anxious, it feels normal.. Peace and serenity may be uncomfortable. At one time, fear […]