Acknowledging Our Suffering To Be Free

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“The practice of healing long-held suffering begins the moment you acknowledge the suffering is there” -The Universe Has Your Back
For so many years I carried around unnecessary emotional baggage.
I had resentments from my childhood, hurt from things that happened at school, pain from past rejection, heartbreak unattended to and so much more.
Carrying this baggage around caused me to suffer for way longer than I needed to.
We all have things we carry around that keep us stuck in negative patterns and beliefs and this is painful.
The moment we acknowledge the wounds, we are acknowledging our suffering head on and that is when the healing process begins.
The more we suppress, deny and run from our pain, the longer we will carry around emotional turmoil and chaos in our lives.
Today I invite you to see what you have been denying from your past that is keeping you in a state of suffering.
Take a moment and sit with the memory/thought/feeling. Breathe into it and acknowledge it’s presence within you.
You have now just started your first step towards healing beautiful soul.
Share with me what you have been carrying and that will not only acknowledge it but also take the weight of the pain from your head and heart and  lessen it’s
pull on you.
Love and Light,
Courtney xo

2 thoughts on “Acknowledging Our Suffering To Be Free

  1. Reading this is like reading something I would have written. If I only knew how to get out of this deep dark whole that I am in and live my life like a normal person.

    • Hi. I’m so sorry you are in that dark place. Just know you are not alone. Our minds mess with us and tell us things that are not true. I hope you do get moments if peace. Sending you love and light. Xo Courtney

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