Falling From Grace…

It happens in an instant.

The pain, the hopelessness, the fear and the angst.

Life feels heavy, too heavy to deal with but you have to because you need to try to come across like everything is ok.

And it couldn’t be more NOT ok.

The fear lies in the center of your gut and pulls at your heart and it takes all you have to breathe.

The energy you had before is long gone and you desperately want that peace of mind back.

But you smile and you pretend and that makes it worse because you know this act is killing you inside.

You debate what you can do to escape and all the ideas are too drastic and permanent.

You close your eyes to feel some peace and wish the anguish away because it’s hurting your heart and stealing your soul.

At your core you know this is not who you are but you start to debate that because the darkness starts to swallow your entire being.

The only thing that allows you to keep going is the hope that the light will shine again soon.

You will survive this bout of depression and be stronger on the other side.

Don’t give up…the fight is worth it.


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