Finding Beauty In The Pain


There is something oddly beautiful about pain.

It forces you to look at it square in the face.

The heaviness, the sadness, the despair, the hopelessness….

To know that one can feel so deeply, so weighed down with emotion, it’s like nothing you could ever imagine.

It’s trying, it’s scary, it’s a black abyss where you are all alone and no one can touch you.

The desperate feelings of fear, the heavy sting in your heart, the look of pure vulnerability in your eyes.

The beauty is in the realness.

Your strength is tested and you find courage in this space because you choose to wake up another day to face this soul-sucking monster.

You are afraid but you are aware, more aware than you have ever been.

You question, you plead, you try to run, but you know you are not handed anything that you cannot handle…. You just don’t know why..

Years of gut wrenching pain and sadness isolate you from the world but you retreat to a place where you completely reconnect with you soul and your purpose.

You find solace in spirituality because you finally see that your wounds are your lessons, your appointed teachers and they have broken you open to reignite a light within you that no other experience could have done.

You are oddly grateful for the pain you have endured because you know now exactly which direction to go.

You are here to heal others and show them the path back to the light.

You know the way well because you survived, you persevered, you struggled but you made it back, you are home.


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