When You Want Out Of Your Head


There is nothing much different today.

The only difference is I don’t want to be inside my head.

Is it because I’m without my meds? The clouds are back? My fear?

This shift is typical, but never welcome. It invades my insides, mainly my mind and heart.

It’s all gray, there is no color. I am ugly. I am tired. I want to just give up.

I see my children’s love that is filled with realness, but I can’t feel it because my soul feels like steel.

I don’t want my family to ask me. Please, please just leave me alone.

I feel like a circus animal when people watch me. Up and down and down and down. What can they do? They only stare.

Watch me fumble and change and it’s fast.

People want explanations and I can’t tell you one.

I. Just. Want. Out.

What’s the point if this point is always revisited? No matter what, my mind takes me back here.

It’s not fun, it’s not fair, it’s not me and the hate exceeds the love by a long shot.

Just please disappear into the fog and no one will see me. I feel like no one will care because my disappearance would be healing.

They would want normalcy if they didn’t have it. They would want to be able to look in the mirror and not see the ugly, vacant eyes looking back at them.

What’s this beauty people speak of? I have prayed to see it and still only see dread and despair and faults.

Would be better if. Should feel grateful. Could try to fight this.

I’m tired. Tired beyond the exhaustion of a person running around their day. Tired beyond anything I have ever felt.

Life feels too heavy. I’m too weak.

That’s my truth, at least for today.

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