The word forever. Have you made that promise?

The definition of forever is: without ever ending; eternally

Have you ever made a promise to do or not to do something, to love someone, or be committed to something/someone FOREVER?

I think saying the word forever is a very steep promise. I believe it’s a word that one may not really have the capability to say because it could seem like something doable for that specific moment in time and could change if circumstances or feelings change.

If a person makes this statement to commit forever and then they no longer feel they can uphold this commitment what happens then? Do you stay in a situation or continue to do or not to do something when it’s no longer right for you because you made this promise?

I want to be able to say forever and truly mean it. I want to be able to commit to something and honestly believe in my heart I can do it for the rest of my life. It’s just sometimes  the rest of my life seems like a very, very, very long time to make a  statement like that.

I would love to say I could stop drinking forever because I know it’s not right for me and not good for me. I can tell you that I won’t, and when I am saying that I am most likely feeling strong and confident. Then on a day when I am feeling weak and feeling the need to escape I may want to take back the fact that I said that because if I do, I don’t want to be drowned in guild.

There is a statement that is supposed to help this overwhelming feeling of forever and that is doing something “One Day at a Time” which even then feels like too big of commitment. I have days where I have to tell myself “One moment at a time”..

Does that make me weak or have a lack of willpower because I have promised people who love me that I will never do it again?

I also made a commitment to love someone forever in front of over 150 people which included my parents, friends and relatives and I didn’t keep that promise. I can’t say that I no longer love that person, because I do, I just vowed to be in a relationship with them for the rest of my life and I no longer am.

Does that make me feel weak, guilty, sad and heartbroken? Yes, absolutely. How could I make a promise like that and not have those feelings and beat myself up?

I wanted to mean it.

So now I sit here by myself and think back to times where I have made that statement of saying I would do something forever or not do something and it makes me wonder if I haven’t fought hard enough to uphold to that commitment and am I capable to endure anything and everything to keep that promise to myself or someone else. Is that perseverance that some people have and some people don’t? Is it willpower or lack there of?

This is something I want to know because one day I want to be able to say that word and mean it 100% with all of my heart and soul and not look back because a promise is supposed to be just that, a promise. The definition of a promise is: a declaration that something will or will not be done.

Have you ever said forever and truly meant it and kept that promise?

If the answer is yes, I admire you immensely.

2 thoughts on “The word forever. Have you made that promise?

  1. Hi Courtney,
    I managed to reach your blog via Tiny Buddha after reading your beautiful
    story. I don’t believe that anyone can promise forever although I truly believe that each individual can say they mean forever and know inside themselves when it is going to be never ending. Trying there upmost to fulfill forever. However time tells us that people’s lives can change in an instant second for better or for worse. And we may or may not have control of the promised forever. When we state the forever we mean it with all our hearts and have no intention of breaking this. But life is very challenging at times and can put blockages along our paths that may mean promises will be broken with no intention what’s so ever of hurting any one. However forever will not be challenging. You yourself will know the time when it truly is forever. It will not battle you, or tire you, or hurt you, or weigh you down. Remember not to be to hard on your beautiful soul.

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