Do you ask for signs or do you have Faith?

Sometimes I think I can trust my gut and my intuition and sometimes I am WAY off.

I ask for signs all the time which I used to do when I was younger but they were far less important (well not to me back then) but they were things like, “If Bryan likes me this stoplight will turn green on the count to 3…1, 2 (green!) OMG he does like me. And the funny thing is, I would believe it!

Now the signs I ask for are much bigger with major life decisions. “Should I leave my marriage? Should I pursue this job or look for a new one? Should I end this friendship? Should I let go or keep trying?

Sometimes I get signs right away. Last night I was journaling about a relationship issue and my answer came in the form of a text 10 minutes later! I literally got the text and took the words as meant to be because it was something that made sense to me and I had asked to be guided.. Crazy? Maybe, but I believe in signs because this happens to me quite a bit.

When I get to a “fork in the road”, I tend to get into a LOT of fear because I don’t want to make the wrong decision, which I guess I am only naming right or wrong. I want a sign to fall from the sky with a road map of which way I am supposed to go because God forbid if I  have to feel any pain from my choice or have to suffer in any way. See, I want all my decisions to be the “right” ones because I will try to avoid pain at any cost. But life does not work that way. It’s through the “wrong” choices we learn our lessons so that in the future we are both stronger and wiser.

I think my request for signs is something I do because having Faith is much scarier for me. I have a sign in my room that says ‘Faith’ on it, and I look at it every single day in hopes that with whatever happens I trust what direction I am going in.

Faith is such an easy word to understand and yet it’s so hard to obtain on a daily basis. I am a believer that nothing happens to us by mistake and each challenge or joy we face is specially selected for us to grow and learn more about ourselves. Faith has become a goal for me to achieve because having it will alleviate my fear of any decision I have to face and maybe one day I will stop asking for those signs and just trust myself and my intuitions.

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