Fear is at the core of codependency. It can motivate us to control situations or neglect ourselves.
Many of us have been afraid for so long that we don’t label our feelings as fear. We are used to feeling upset and anxious, it feels normal..
Peace and serenity may be uncomfortable.
At one time, fear may have been appropriate and useful.
We have relied on fear to protect ourselves. But now, in recovery, we are living life differently.
It’s time to thank our old fears for helping us survive, then wave good-bye to them. Welcome peace, trust, acceptance, and safety. We don’t need that much fear anymore. We can listen to our healthy fears, and let go of the rest.
We can create a feeling of safety for ourselves, now. We are safe, now. We’ve made a commitment to take care of ourselves. We can trust and love ourselves.
-Melanie Beattie

One thought on “Fear

  1. I absolutely love Melody Beattie. She has helped me so much on my path. Mine has been more of a path of self neglect, and I’ve needed to break through my own neglect to see the layers of fear that were blocking me from doing what was best for me. Thanks for sharing the passage!

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